About us

Science of School - the First Independent Scientific Platform!

Why a scientific platform?

Because we have knowledge! And you can:

  • publish scientific materials;
  • get acquainted with the latest scientific achievements/research of the participants;
  • share your thoughts and discuss interesting topics with like-minded people;
  • follow the most important international science news.

The main task performed by us is publication of scientific works of the faculty.

What goals do we set for ourselves?

  • process of publishing scientific materials is easy and convenient;
  • Each author receives high-quality support and answers to questions / without expectations;
  • you control all stages of the application online: from acceptance of an article to its publication;
  • convenient way to carry out payments;
  • choice of a convient date of publish / regularity issues.

If you still have questions you can ask us by email, phone or online consultant.

Read more information in the sections:

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