The special edition - is your personal journal

The special issue - is your chosen articles published in a separate part of the journal. In the section of the special issue are posted exclusively by your materials, so then, from what he formed, depends on you.

Размещается спецвыпуск на платформе и eLIBRARY.RU.

For whom can be interesting the special issue?

  1. Higher education institutions or their subdivisions / departments.
  2. Scientific organizations according to the results of conferences or other events.
  3. Institution with specialists who are actively engaged in scientific work.

We will do it for you

Cover design
Compliance with GOST
Free delivery
  • cover design;
  • layout;
  • постатейное индексирование на eLIBRARY.RU;
  • загрузка на на;
  • full output;
  • print as needed;
  • certificates evidencing the publication;
  • sending of the copies.

Price for the special issue

120 rub/page

400 rub/copy*

* shipment of printed copies in Russia is included in the price. Extra for shipment outside of the Russia (per copy) - 500rub.

** Minimum amount for publication of a special issue - 100 pages.

An example of cost calculation for special issue:

  • You want to publish articles that have a total of 100 pages.
  • Circulation of copies - 10 pieces.
  • The total cost of the special issue - 16 000 rub.

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