Useful information

Requirements for submission rules

File format: Microsoft Word (.docx, .doc, .rtf)

Sheet size: А4

Fields: 2 cm each

Font: Times New Roman

Font size: 14 points

Line interval: sesquialteral

Text alignment: by width

Automatic carry-over: included

Paragraph indention: 1 cm

Pagination: not maintained

Illustration: in the text of an article, without flow

The journal is printed in black and white!

References to literature: in square brackets [1, p. 2], bibliographic list at the end of text. Numbering in order of reference in an article.

Amount*: from 5 pages

Incomplete author's page is billed as a full.

It is common practice to calculate the volume of publication in the author's sheets. The number of copyright sheets depends on the number of characters. At the same time, the actual area occupied by the journal varies depending on a variety of factors: the format of the band, width of fields, height of headers and footers, interlining, etc.

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